Game Audio

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon(2015)


TigerStyle Games

- Composed and recorded music for two soundtracks associated with the sequel to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.  One soundtrack associated with day, and one with night environments.

Day Soundtrack

Night Soundtrack

“Both the art style and the soundtrack hit all the right notes in creating a compelling atmosphere.”
- Siniša Bućan | Freedom Community Gaming Collective
“Played at the right time in the evening, you’ll get the right mix of dark visuals blending in with the beautiful, contemplative soundtrack that accompanies the game… it makes being a little spider feel like an existential, out-of-body trip”
- Graham Stephen | GameSpew

Waking Mars


TigerStyle Games

- Composed and recorded over 20 minutes of music for this 2013 Indie Game Festival Best Audio nominee, TouchArcade's 2012 Game of the Year, and Apple's 2012 iPad Game of the Year Runner-Up.  

"Between these puzzles you'll explore the planet, taking in an engrossing story, soaking in the sci-fi atmosphere, and listening to one of the best soundtracks on mobile"
- Mark Brown | PocketGamer

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (2009)

TigerStyle Games

- Wrote and recorded several songs, including the opening track, for this multiple Game of the Year and 2010 Indie Game Festival Best Mobile & Best iPhone award winner, which has been downloaded over 2 million times.

"Spider: Bryce Manor HD features an understated ambient soundtrack, which matches perfectly the tone and atmosphere of the game. It’s a rare occasion where you won’t want to replace the standard game music with your iTunes."
- Shaun Campbell | Tapscape
"The music is perfectly married to the mystery of the manor. It drives you forward while instilling that upset feeling of pushing through room after room of missed dreams."
- Levi Buchanan | IGN

One Night in Reed's Crossing

Waves All Day

Click to access Game Jam submission page

Click to access Game Jam submission page


- Composed and recorded music and Sound Effects for submission to the Juegos Rancheros "Mystic Western" Game Jam.  All assets were created in one 15 hour day, full game was created in only 4 days.


Film Sound

Composed music for Swanson Studio
0/2 VOLUME TWO: Float

Composed music for Swanson Studio
20/2 VOLUME TWO: Glow

Composed and edited a soundtrack for DigiRanch's short film Beowoof for The Sparrow Film Project. 

Composed and edited music for a Berklee College of Music final project in Film Scoring

Music Production/composition

music for picture

A sampling of various music compositions for picture


Three albums I have released as 'dweomer', my cosmic synthesizer project where i perform live sound sculpture and improvisational experiments.

black is bright

A pop/shoegaze band with whom i play synthesizer.

Sound FX


User Interface (UI)